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Cultural and Linguistic Transition explored

Proceedings of the ATrA closing workshop

Ilaria Micheli (ed.)

Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste Collana: ATrA Aree di transizione linguistiche e culturali in Africa
pp. 322 ISBN: 978-88-8303-821-1
ed. 2017 eISBN: 978-88-8303-822-8
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The ATrA Workshop was held in Trieste (Italy) on May 24-26, 2016 with the aim of discussing the possible dimensions and varieties related to phenomena of cultural and linguistic transition in Africa. Identity negotiation, ethnicity and cultural affiliation, cases of contact, creolization, integration, urbanization, climate or cultural changes, language and cultural switch, market exchanges and human migration have been put on the table, generating a very concrete and fruitful discussion. The case studies collected in this miscellaneous book, give an idea of the multi-faceted dimensions of the debate, which ranges by necessity from anthropology to archaeology and from philology to linguistics, in a continuous alternation of disciplines, voices and styles. Mechanisms of resilience and adaptation to new situations and contexts are described through an investigation which in many cases has the flavour of an intimate research, aimed above all at finding out the very essence of “being human”.