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Imperial Connections. Interactions and Expansion from Assyria to the Roman Period. Volume 2. Proceedings of the 5th “Broadening Horizons” Conference (Udine 5-8 June 2017)

A cura di: Gavagnin, Katia; Palermo, Rocco

Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste Collana: West & East. Rivista della Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici. Monografie
pp. 334; ill. ISBN: 978-88-5511-145-4
ed. 2020 eISBN: 978-88-5511-146-1
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This volume contains the papers presented at Sessions 3 (Imperial frontiers: the Assyrian periphery and interactions between Assyria and neighbouring kingdoms during the first millennium B) and 5 (West vs East: from Hellenism to the Roman expansion in the Near East) of the 5th edition of the “Broadening Horizons” Conference, which was held at the University of Udine from 5th to 8th June 2017. Broadening Horizons is an international meeting that aims to offer an opportunity for relatively informal discussion, especially (though not exclusively) for young/early career archaeologists specialized in the ancient Near East and disciplines relevant to the main theme of each congress session. All the papers have passed a double blind peer-review process and provide significant contributions on a number of topics – among which material culture (e.g. pottery tradition and architecture), settlement pattern, social changes, cultural transmission and economic dynamics – that are of fundamental importance for the archaeology of Mesopotamia and the Levant.