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Trans2Care. The Partners and the Objectives of Trans2Care, an Italy-Slovenia cross-border network of science and healthcare institutions

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ed. 2014
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Trans2Care project is an operation of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and some national funds. This project, started on 1st April 2011, will be implemented through a period of three and half years by a consortium of 13 Partners, lead by the University of Trieste. It aims at translating results of their biomedical research into innovative products and services to improve health. The kick-off meeting of Trans2Care took place in Trieste on 21st-22nd November 2011. The venue was the Narodni Dom, i.e. the Trieste National Hall, a multimodal building of the Slovene minority in the city, which formerly included the Slovene theatre and a hotel (Hotel Balkan). Narodni Dom was built on 1904 on the plan of Max Fabiani, one of the greatest Mittel-European architects. Burnt by the Italian fascists in 1920, it hosted later the Hotel Regina. Ultimately restored in 1990, it now hosts the Slovenski informativni center (Slovene information center) and the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Translators and Interpreters of the University of Trieste. On 21st November, the project was presented to the Partners, the academic and public authorities, and the general public, as reported in Section I. On 22nd November, the Partners had an internal meeting, aimed at laying down the scientific contents and objectives of their collaboration, described in the 21 chapters of Section II. The project’s proposal has had a unique trajectory during the 2-step evaluation process, recapitulated in Section III. The latter also hosts the points of view on the project by external observers.