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Business Communication

From purpose to objective

Harper Martin

Editore: EUM – Edizioni Università di Macerata
pp. 110 ISBN: 8860560993
ed. 2006
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All across Europe, teachers of English in higher education face a perennial problem: how do they help undergraduates with no particular talent for foreign languages achieve a level of communicative competence in English that will allow them to function effectively in the world of work? Business Communication: from Purpose to Objective explains how Genre Analysis, the approach pioneered by John Swales and V.K. Bhatia in the 1990’s, can be combined with Task Based Language Teaching, Register Analysis and selected Process Writing techniques to teach writing for professional purposes, and how it can be adapted to cover spoken texts, such as telephone calls. This groundbreaking method facilitates the students’ progress from purpose to objective, enabling them to produce written and spoken texts which are clear and simple, precise and concise: the hallmarks of effective Business Communication.