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Comparative Latin American Constitutionalism

A cura di: Bagni, Silvia; BALDIN, SERENA

Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste Collana: Biblioteca della società aperta. Studi e ricerche
pp. 190 ISBN: 978-88-5511-425-7
ed. 2023 eISBN: 978-88-5511-426-4
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This book is one of the outcomes of the research activities carried out within the research project PRIN 2017 “From Legal Pluralism to the Intercultural State. Personal Law, Exceptions to General Rules and Imperative Limits in the European Legal Space” (2020/2023). This book emerged out of a shared realisation. The editors found that while a vast legal literature on constitutionalism in Latin America exists in Europe, no single volume has provided an overview of the main institutional models of constitutional law in the region. This book focuses on classic public law issues in order to gain insight into recent constitutional innovations. It is also the result of a precise methodological choice, which embraces a comparative approach. Latin American legal facts – that is, forms and types of state, presidentialism and constitutional justice – are not simply observed as national events. Rather, these institutions are contextualised in a broader way, looking at the relationships between two or more systems in order to identify trends.