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Enhancing Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic-Ionian Region through co-creation

Francesco Adornato, Simone Betti, Andrea Caligiuri, Alessio Cavicchi, Mara Cerquetti, Francesca Coltrinari, Luigi Lacchè, Roberto Perna, Francesca Spigarelli (edited by)

Editore: eum - edizioni università di macerata
pp. 339 ISBN: 9788860565525
ed. 2018
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Under the aegis of EUSAIR policy, Sustainable Tourism is considered a pillar. The goals set for the pillar are the diversification of the macro-region's tourism products and services along with tackling seasonality of inland, coastaI and maritime tourism demand and, improving the quality and innovation of tourism offer and enhancing the sustainable and responsible tourism capacities of the tourism actors across the macroregion. In light of this background context, the international workshop "Enhancing Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic-lonian Region through co-creation: the role of Universities and Public-Private Partnerships”, was organised in Macerata in September 2016. 30 paper proposals were submitted to the Scientific Committee in the form of abstracts. Following a peer review process, 19 were selected and accepted for publication in the proceedings. These papers, projects and case studies demonstrating the collaboration between universities and local stakeholders in different fields and disciplines from several Adriatic-lonian countries, were organised in 5 different conference sessions, namely: 1. CulturaI and Tourism Destination - management and promotion, 2. Tourism Policy and ICT, 3. Coastal and maritime tourism, 4. Participatory processes in tourism and cultural management, 5. Archaeology and museums