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From the Emergency Crisis to Resilient and Transfigurative Ethics

Marco Ettore Grasso

Editore: eum edizioni università di macerata
pp. 130 ISBN: 978-88-6056-837-3
ed. 2022
Formati: 14x21
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The emergency crises which strike humanity have often been caused by the same men who, in order to acquire more and more power, are willing to deny and subdue their own brothers. Therefore, fear and vulnerability grow within this pathological condition, which sees the financialized economy as an absolute god. Emergency crises, therefore, require justice and responsibility, as well as a new critical anthropological form of truth. The resulting resilience is something which touches different spheres, so much so that this work will take some particular forms of ethics into consideration (“pre-resilient ethics”, “patiendi ethics”, “already measured ethics” and “closeness ethics”). These anticipate the transfigurative path, which – thanks to “critical consciousness”, “trust”, and “dignitary justice” – transfigure critical/emergency oblivion into luminous and free “Love”.