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History of the Church in Asia

A historical Survey

Fernando Guillén Preckler

Editore: Urbaniana University Press Collana: Missiologia
pp. 316 ISBN: 978-88-401-6031-3
ed. 2017
Formati: 17x24x3
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This book is the outcome of the life-long teaching and research experience of its author in Catholic Institutions. Specifically designed for non-native English readers it offers a thorough overview of the amazing history of the Catholic Church in Asia. Inspired by intellectual, spiritual and pastoral intentions it is meant as a tool helping students to: • Handle the sources of Asian Church history; • Master the knowledge of the main periods of Asian Christianity with their essential events, in the framework of the world history; • Analyze the historical documents in their context and content; • Understand the present situation of Christianity in the main regions of the continent for the hoped-for “new evangelization”. It is divided into 6 chapters: • Patristic and Byzantine Period: Oriental Churches; • Muslim Period: Islam expansion and Christianity; • Mongol Period: the Church in China; • Discovering Period – New Asian routes: Portugal and Spain patronage, salient missionaries, Japan, Philippines, Propaganda fide, Vietnam and Chinese Rites Controversy; • Western Empires Period: Netherlands, England and France; new missionaries in Asia; the Holy See and the Churches in Asia; • Asian Churches after II World War and Vatican II: end of colonialism and the action of the Holy See until John Paul II.