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"Minor minorities" and Multiculturalism

Italian American and Jewish American Literature

Dorothy M. Figueira

Editore: eum edizioni università di macerata Collana: Italia, Americhe e altri mondi
pp. 413 ISBN: 9788860567772
ed. 2022
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This book expands, enriches, and questions current notions of multiculturalism by integrating the study of the literature of two significant European immigrant groups in the United States (the Italians and the Jews) into larger theoretical theorizations of the Other in the American literature university curriculum. It seeks to reintroduce these two literatures, now significantly ignored, into this general literary discussion of alterity and ultimately question how they might figure in the multicultural and World Literature classroom. The comparison of these two immigrant literatures allows us to investigate how the discourse of race contributed to the configuration of ethnic identity, both by dominant White American culture and within these immigrant groups themselves. This volume also seeks to tie the study of these two immigrant literatures to pressing theoretical and pedagogical concerns, namely, the role of American ethnic literature in the multicultural classroom and its place in Comparative Literature and World Literature curricula.