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Outlines of Philosophy of Nature

Lorella Congiunti

Editore: Urbaniana University Press Collana: Manuali - Strumenti di studio e ricerca
pp. 320 ISBN: 978-88-401-7071-8
ed. 2020
Formati: 17x24
Prezzo: € 35.00
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The value and relevance of this university textbook are found in the “strong” proposal of a philosophical science of nature. Among a varied panorama of epistemological approaches, often contradictory, the Author favors, as the ultimate interpretative approach, the centrality of man-nature within nature, on whose parts and systems she focuses the attention of the reader, with didactic care. The presence of Excursus on scientific, often cutting-edges issues enriches the reader’s knowledge of the framework of contemporary reflection on this science of “smaller things” as of “great” ones. Excursus on Science and Faith | Emergence| Complexity| Holism| Ecology| Technique and technology| Matter, antimatter, dark matter| The species| Evolution and evolutionisms| Male and female| Gender| Neurosciences| Quantum mechanics| Determinism and indetermination| Euclidean geometry and non-Euclidian geometries| The reality of numbers and figures| Analog and digital Relativity| Infinity| Philosophy of the creature and theology of nature| The cosmological and anthropic principles |Disorder and entropy | Creation, Big bang, design| Strings, superstrings and brane